Commercial Services

Midwest Waste Consultants, LLC is determined to help all surrounding commercial companies, from HOA’s to industrial clients to manufacturing businesses, save money and improve the way they dispose of waste. With us, your company will stay compliant with all regulations and standards because throughout the years our expert technicians have worked hard to establish professional relationships with dumpster, hauler, and compactor receiver container companies, meaning that you’ll receive the fairest price and contracts, as if you got the friends and family discount.

If you’re looking at your waste invoices and are feeling overwhelmed, like it’s simply becoming too complicated to keep track of it all due to multiple locations and various hauler contracts with various service providers, our team is here to help you do better and save more. So if you’re still looking for even more information, don’t hesitate to call! With us you’ll find tried and true ways to lower your waste expenses and utilities. What are you waiting for? Receive a free estimate after the very first phone call.

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Temporary & Permanent
Roll Off Services

Disposing of waste can be irritating and exhausting. Maybe you’re going through trash with what feels like no end or maybe you’ve found that others roll off and hauler service expenses are through the roof. It can be easy to wonder if there’s anything better out there, and that is where Midwest Waste Consultants, LLC comes into play. Our team and professional temporary and permanent roll off services are ideal for all in construction, HOA’s, homeowner’s, and more. From special and hazardous waste and soil to everyday junk and trash, our roll off services are where you can find relief from your frequent waste worries.

Get your waste disposal under control with our friendly and knowledgeable team. We will work hard to find and provide a solution for every single waste worry that is clouding up your mind. From clear and transparent contracts to regulated pricing, our team constantly works hard for you so that you don’t have to. Call now to learn more about the many benefits of our temporary or permanent roll off services available to all. We look forward to getting to talk to you soon.

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Compaction Equipment Rentals & Services

For a stationary and self contained compactor that is always reliable and never an eyesore, look no further than Midwest Waste Consultants, LLC. Ideal for high-volume customers such as apartment complexes or high-rises, our team can guarantee you compassion equipment that is sure to lower your overall spending per month. For those who use or need waste management services 4-6 times a week, save your parking lot from becoming deteriorated due to the constant site trips large and heavy trucks make.

With Midwest Waste Consultants, LLC you’ll no longer have to overspend on waste expenses for your property, no matter the size. At the end of the day, our team is here to provide you with honest and working solutions for some of the more complicated aspects of waste management. Receive the industry knowledge needed to help you slash your waste expenses by calling us today!

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Industrial Waste
Midwest Waste Consultants, LLC

Other Services

✔ Direct to Landfill/Transfer Station Projects

✔ Construction Debris Recycling/Disposal

✔ Demolition Debris Disposal

✔ Special Waste Removal and Disposal

✔ Electronic Waste Disposal 

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